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Important Information

Due to the new traffic regulations imposed by AENA, all vehicles will be forced stop within the PARKING EXPRESS. Take a ticket and give it to us together with the car. We will be waiting for you in the end of the parking express, near the exit.

Due to the new traffic regulations imposed by AENA

Parking in malaga with great prices!

We take care of your car when you are away.

If you need to park your car for long periods, please contact us.

Cleaning included in your car

In addition to collecting and deliver the car personally, depending on the parking service contracted, have included additional services, Parking 1, Parking 2 and Parking 3. Any questions please contact us.

In case you opt for our service parking for long periods we recommend you to be serviced by the reservations department, we speak; Spanish, English, German, Russian, Italian, French and Swedish.

Parking with service workshop

Just to offer our customers a full service, we offer various maintenance services for your vehicle. The best time to make some adjustments to your vehicle is when you do not need it. How about checking your car to pass the MOT while you are away? We make it happen while you are gone.

For any cases that may arise, please put us to the test and allow us to provide budget parking in Malaga. We know how to take care of our customers.

Malaga parking options to use

We offer our extended parking service at Malaga airport, Malaga train station Maria Zambrano and the seaport of Malaga, both at Melillero and the cruise terminal. You choose the best parking option suited for you.

  • Parking 1 - Exterior parking, fenced guarded 24h with video surveillance. Exterior car wash included.
  • Parking 2 - Exterior covered, fenced guarded 24h with video surveillance. Exterior and interior car wash included.
  • Parking 3 - Interior, in a closed garage, fenced guarded 24h with video surveillance. Exterior and interior car wash, tire pressure and fluid levels included.


Malaga Parking is convenient, safe, cheap and easy.

Our parking is convenient, because you park your vehicle right at the terminal itself and pick it up at the same point upon return.

Our parking security. Your vehicle will be protected at all times during delivery and within our facilities.

Our parking is inexpensive. We can offer three types of parking packages. Each meets the needs of each client in relation to the service of parking needed and pricing.

Our parking is service friendly. Meet and greet our uniformed representative. For more information, How to Park, or just give us a call.

Malaga Parking - Malaga Airport Parking


For Malaga Parking customers we have a good deal and if you receive a customer, relative or friend from abroad we can also apply a good discount for him as well.