Fast Track

What is Fast Track?

Introducing Fast Track Parking, the perfect solution for those who want to minimize waiting time when picking up their car at the departure terminal of the Airport.

When booking personalized parking services at the Airport, make sure to select the Fast Track option. We do not charge any additional fees for this service. By choosing Fast Track Parking, you authorize us to position your vehicle at the same point where we collected it, up to a maximum of 2 hours before your scheduled landing time. We will monitor your flight for any delays or cancellations, and we ask that you inform us promptly of any changes. If you modify your return schedule, please notify us immediately to avoid additional charges.

Benefits of Fast Track Parking:

  1. No Extra Fees: Enjoy Fast Track Parking without any additional costs.
  2. Minimized Waiting Time: Your car will be ready 2 hours before your arrival, saving you valuable time.
  3. Flight-Based Timing: The 2-hour window is based on your flight's arrival time at the Airport.
  4. Parking Ticket: You only need to pay the AENA parking exit fee, which is approximately €10.
Important Information:
  • AENA Parking Fee: The only cost you need to cover is the AENA parking fee of about €10.
  • Potential Delays Without Fast Track: Customers who do not choose Fast Track may experience delays due to vehicle congestion, flight delays, peak holiday traffic, or ongoing construction at the airport.

Why Choose Fast Track Parking?

Fast Track Parking offers a hassle-free experience, ensuring your vehicle is ready when you arrive. This service saves you time and eliminates the stress of potential delays.

Adopt the Fast Track Experience:

Our Fast Track Parking service at the Airport ensures your satisfaction by prioritizing your convenience. This concept, already popular for speeding up check-in processes at airports, is now available for parking at a lower cost.

Choose Fast Track Parking at the Airport for a guaranteed, smooth experience. Your time is valuable—let us help you save it.