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While the vehicle is located on our premises, it is insured by our insurance company. The company is responsible in terms of loss, theft or damage to the exterior of the vehicle provided it is proven that the damage has been caused by negligence of the company and it is proved before removal of the vehicle.

The company is not responsible for any damage or theft of accessories and items that are not fixed in the vehicle. This includes:

- Theft of Radio / CD / front panel.

- Theft of personal belongings: Mobile phones, tablets, laptops, clothing, purses or any other objects left in the car.

- Theft of vehicle documents (please note that the owner of the vehicle must not leave any original documentation of the vehicle when leaving the vehicle at our facility, and instead should provide a photocopy of relevant documents).

The company is not responsible for any mechanical or electrical breakdown / damage that may occur during the vehicle’s stay in our premises. Likewise, the company is not responsible of the wearing away of parts or components, interior or exterior of the stored vehicle by regular use of it. The same applies to buttons, levers, keys or such.

The company is not responsible for imperceptible damages, interior or exterior, under bad weather, dirt or bad lighting at the time of reception and visual inspection of your vehicle since it is not reliable under such circumstances.

The company is not obliged to clean the vehicle stored. The service you contract is storing and custody of the vehicle, as well as its transfer. The cleaning offered by the company, interior or exterior, is a courtesy, offered as a deference with the clients. Thus, the client declines any further complaint on this matter.


- It is your responsibility to remove all items and accessories that are not part of the vehicle, such as radio panels, mobile phones, vehicle documents, bags, etc.

- The client must ensure that the vehicle will be delivered at the designated time agreed upon by the customer and the company. If the client does not deliver the vehicle at the designated time this may cause and additional fee to be paid.

- The customer must notify the company 24 hours in advance if they wish to extend the original agreement.

- The client must provide the company with the vehicle key.

- The customer must ensure that the vehicle is legally documented and roadworthy, tax, valid certificate and the MOT, insurance, etc. In most cases the company receives and delivers the vehicle to the assigned meeting point (e.g.: Malaga Airport). For this reasons, the company reserves the right to refuse entry to the premises to any vehicle that does not meet the requirements stipulated by the Spanish law.

- While the customer is driving the vehicle on the company premises, the customer is responsible for any costs or damages that may result.

-In the case that the company must do a reparation of damages of the vehicle, the client will do it in a workshop designated by the company and only under the authorisation of the expert/technician of the insurance company.


- The confirmation of the reservations does not guarantee a specific space for vehicle parking on site.

- For all reserved parking, the company must be informed of a cancellation by writing or by calling 952 002 089 - 902 955 512

- The company has the right to restrict or cancel reservations. All services are subject to availability.

- Prices may vary by season, even though the company will make every effort to maintain prices, we reserve the right to change prices without notice.

- Customers that have a one-year contract have 15 days from the start date to request a cancellation and will receive a refund of their payment minus the number of days that they have used the valet parking(applying the regular, non-yearly fee) plus a 50€ cancellation fee.

-Payment must be made in cash upon the client's return.

-The client must bear an extra fee of 4,97€ (5€) for same-day bookings to pay for the penalty imposed on the company, since customer adquisition is not allowed at the terminal and we must send the list of legitimate clients before midnight.


- The company has the right to retain the vehicle as collateral for any debt to the company.

- Complaints about the vehicles cannot be considered unless they have been told before leaving the premises.

- No responsibility is accepted for loss or damage of components or accessories of the vehicle, unless it is proved it was caused by the negligence of the company. The marking of damages on each piece, must list the number of damages within each individual piece if needed. The client is obliged to point out the existence of multiple damages within the piece marked by the operator. If no additional marks are listed, the company won’t be responsible and won’t accept any further complaint on the matter.

- The company is not liable for the loss of the document which accredits and gives the right to withdraw the vehicle, e.g., if the customer lost the receipt and the vehicle was removed by someone else for fraudulent purposes the company would not be responsible.


In accordance with the provisions of Law 15/1999 of December 13, Protection of Personal Data, we inform the incorporation of their personal data to a file owned by Malaga Parking Spain, S.L. in order to facilitate their services. Also we inform you that Malaga Parking Spain has adopted the necessary technical and organizational measures to guarantee the security of personal data and avoid its alteration, loss, unauthorized access or treatment, given the state of technology, nature of data stored and the risks they are exposed to, all in accordance with the provisions of Royal Decree 1720/2007 of December 21, which approves the regulation and development of the Organic Law on Data Protection.

If you do not wish to receive marketing communications from our company, or at any time exercise their right of access, rectification,
cancelation and opposition of your data, you can do so by notifying Malaga Parking Spain, by letter to C/ Nicolas Gogol 18, 29004 Málaga.

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