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It is quite possible that before making a reservation with Malaga-Parking there will emerge all sorts of doubts and questions.


It is possible that before making a booking with Malaga Parking there will emerge all sorts of doubts and questions. Well it is in this section where we store all the questions that customers ask us, we record here because we thought it might be useful to other future clients.

All phone numbers that are provided in the contact page can be used to contact us.

We do not operate with mobile phones. Please use any of our numbers provided on our contact page.

In appearance it is a mobile but it is actually an extension of our telephone switchboard. We urge you not to save it for later use. These numbers will alternate and might be switched off at any time. Please use the numbers provided on our contact page.

We work with Maphre and Generali.

From the moment you have signed and left the car with us we are responsible for your vehicle. NOTE, the car is yours and you are required by law to keep your car insurance in force.

If you are perfectly coordinated with us, the operator monitors the car reflected in the contract vehicle condition and shows it to you sign their agreement. The process takes at most 2 to 3 minutes no more.

Our uniform is very caracteristic, we use pistachio green polo shirts and a blue cap. All our shirts have embroidery patterns. (This is a security measure)

At first we do not offer any discounts, but if you return using our services you will receive information in your car about your next available discounts.

No, you pay when you return to pick up your vehicle.

When you return to pick your vehicle and oversees everything is as you contracted.

If you book Parking 1 or 2 the car will be washed in a machine. In the Parking 3 package the car will be hand washed and polished. To clarify the use of a machine. We use a company called ISTOBAL that comes and serves the machine frequently. After each 8000 washes they change all the brushes to ensure to perform high standard wash. We have not had any complaints as of yet.

To date we have not had any problems with any client. Of course the choice is yours but our recommendation is not to leave any valuables in the car. We will not be responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever as it states in our contract.

Basically everything. Body and paint, normal services, changing of tires or wheels, refill or repair of airconditioning, adjustments to steering and alignment, electrical repairs, replacement of parts, replacements of lights, interior and exterior restoration. Ask us anything and we will fix it for you while you are away. We will make sure to have your car ready when you return.

Yes, in Madrid and Barcelona.

We are a direct company that you hire for our services. Our clients are direct customers.

We never close. We work 24h a day 365 days a year.

Our booking department is open from 09:00 to 22:00 from Monday to Sunday, after that time you can make the reservations on our website.

Of course, and vice versa, you can check any combination. We even have customers staying at the hotel and ask us to do take care of their car why they will not use it.

Do not worry, the most important is that you stay in contact and inform us early in an event of delay. Only on occasions we have had to charge 5€ for delivery service.

We fully understand this question. We spend much time to dedicate ourselves to park cars with as flashy uniform we wear. If we were a company of questionable reliability, I do not think we had been allowed to operate in enclaves protected like are Malaga airport the train station and the Maritime Port, the security forces of the state, police, civil guard and others, would not have allowed something. From Malaga-Parking, I invite you to seek the criticisms made ​​about our service, the truth is that it is always better to talk and the other one is for the best if it's better.

I think we have all types of vehicles parked and your brand will not be the first. Give us a try and we assure you will be happy.

We want to make our service more efficient and with higher quality, let us know if you have any questions or suggestions to make us stronger. Your cooperation will help others, thank you very much

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