Workshop Aesthetics Malaga Parking

We propose to give us the opportunity to show that we are more than just parking.



Give your car a face lift while having it parked with us. We can show you previous work we have done earlier.

When the wheel of our vehicle is already worn both plastic and skin, this can be upholstered in the same color with the original seams, the cost of this work may be over € 135, with premium leather.

The upholstery or replacement of knob shifter, with a cost not exceeding 25 € on average.
Seats are also upholstered in leather or fabric, or seat covers are replaced, we did a Ford Mondeo and the total for each seat were € 140 and the car remained impeccable.

The dashboard of the vehicle is a piece that suffers a lot especially in the heat and sometimes crack or deform, as for this part of the car we have solution. Arranged a porsche and the cost was € 375.

In the inside of a car we can make any kind of arrangement provided no missing parts or those with a long warped time, however to date there has resisted us almost no restoration, we invite you to put us to test.

On the outside we were most people demand is polishing headlights, since over time the vast majority are yellowish and opaque, that is why our customers before you spend a fortune renovating the optical car prefer polish which is much cheaper. Normally costs € 30 each headlight.

All customers advise them that once they have reserved the parking, thereupon if they receive budget on this work or others that are of interest, it is very important that we do get some photos to give a budget as tight possible, this also enables us to find the time plus the amount you intended to calculate the number of days needed to carry out the work.

Please ask for a quote and we will reply within 24h

Taller estetica del volante Before and after headlight clarity Before and after leather upholstery

VERY IMPORTANT: In case of failure on the way to Malaga, do not waste your trip, call your assistance and we bring the car to our facility, we take care of your vehicle and keep you informed.

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