Lights Malaga Parking

We propose to give us the opportunity to show that we are more than just parking.



This is undoubtedly the most commented section for our customers, we are on hand to give the best of services, if you change a light bulb is supported will not charge you anything.

If you do not have bulb replacement, we will provide and charge you the cost of the bulb itself.

Malaga Parking Workshop Lights Price
Light bulb H7 15€

If the light is not on for reasons beyond a simple light bulb will tell, otherwise if you already know the fault and wants it presupuestemos please fill out the form.

Please ask for a quote and we will reply within 24h

VERY IMPORTANT: In case of failure on the way to Malaga, do not waste your trip, call your assistance and we bring the car to our facility, we take care of your vehicle and keep you informed.

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