Mechanical Malaga Parking

We propose to give us the opportunity to show that we are more than just parking.



We can fix all vehicles with full warranty, the secret of our great prices is none other than that having so many clients can negotiate much cheaper both parts and labor.

You when negotiating a price as you just recommended by a friend or negotiate, we do it for all our customers and this is the only way we can offer a lower price.

Shown below is some work we have already done:

Malaga Parking Workshop Mechanical Price
Complete engine change from 1300€
Full distribution from 350€
Replacement or repair of radiator from 80€
Brakes from 40€
New clutch from 270€

These are just some examples of repairs that we have carried out with our customers from parking, if you send us before parking the car you need we'll budgeted.

If repair is not possible due to time and you are going to park a few days and the repair will take longer, we offer the possibility for being our customer for replacement car parking.

Courtesy Vehicle € 15 x day

If you need more car category, we have a great deal with a car rental company, which is accredited to all our customers applies a 10% discount on your rates.

Please ask for a quote and we will reply within 24h

VERY IMPORTANT: In case of failure on the way to Malaga, do not waste your trip, call your assistance and we bring the car to our facility, we take care of your vehicle and keep you informed.

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